Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This is my other cat 

Here are a few images from today and yesterday. My kitten has become a painting companion. There is an exhibition on just down the road so I have been asked to participate. It has become a useful way to meet people and I like feedback too. It's been very warm here this month so far and plants that lay dormant in rainy August have sprung into life and even flowered again. I have been picking strawberries and there are raspberries too. We have grass snakes here that like to keep warm under the black plastic we cover the wood up with. I bought this lovely coffee pot, no lid and the other pots for storing tea coffee etc are a set I bought this weekend. Unfortunately  a couple of the lids got lost in packing, I need to pay more attention to what's going on. I do love the pots though so I shall have to look out for spare odd lids.


  1. Lovely flowers & cats & great finds…too bad about the lids…. & yikes a snake!!!

  2. I LOVE that first pic of your kitten ... gorgeous!
    Hope the exhibition goes well ...