Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My newly acquired chair. Barrel backed possibly from the forties, original velour reminds me of public transport. Old trains, coaches and the tube.

Lovely Arroux

Seen in Toulon Sur Arroux
Very lush after a very wet August.


Snail farm with lots of electric fencing, sorry but it's something that happens around here. I haven't seen many farms I think most of the snails are brought in nowadays. 

Sleepy village that was the scene for a big brocantes this weekend along with dancing and a bicycle race. 

One of my mono-types. I am hoping to produce some more of these this Autumn to make into framed prints and cards.


  1. Cool sleepy village....& wow a snail farm....I guess I never thought about it....really like your mono-print!

  2. Great chair find Jane and I'm liking your mono prints too. Cx

  3. Love the chair and your momtype.
    We have just returned from Italy where they are having an unusually wet August too.

  4. Ha,ha ... that should have read monotype!! :)