Thursday, 14 August 2014

Gaston Chaissac 
I have been having a bit of a break from the internet. I had a friend and her family arrive and so I have been being sociable and it has been fun to be a tourist for a change. Above is the very charming former home of the artist I wrote about a couple of years ago when I discovered he once lived around here. Before I forget I wanted to write about the funny meeting I had with the new owner who only found out the day before that Chaissac had lived in this house. It is lovely outside and even more charming inside. It's lived in now by an artist DUP
 The house next to this one was once home to an eccentric frequenter of the cafés in the village and was Gaston Chaissac's friend. There is a small café here now but it's not like it was when it was the weekly home of a Charolais market.The rather intriguing friend of Gaston Chaissac slept in a coffin and he kept goats that lived in his home with him. In it's day this tiny village must have been a lot busier and had cafés hostels you can imagine. The other interesting thing that came out of my visit here was that Gaston Chaissac's wife was certainly not a stay at home wife, she lived it up at the artist's expense in Paris.
Fete du Bois

There was a storm just before 3 pm  but for a few sunny hours we sat and watched a band in a field. I shared some chips and drank a most delicious glass of Pouilly Fumé. 

I loved this makeshift food place after the storm the panels, now the windows,were taken down.

I took this photo at the Tool museum at Larochmillay, there was also a small sale of old French things. I like the Bistro glasses on the table. 

This place is still as is here more or less. It's now a restaurant. Restaurant de la Tour.

Making skittles at the fete, I think in the way the Sabots or clogs were made.

The chip place inside, some of the people serving and cooking chips are also firemen, reassuring!!

I also went to a Rockabylette festival in Luzy Lovely old cars and Solex racing, but it was slow racing;

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