Saturday, 17 November 2012

Chalet Bellevue

The park with glimpses of the Spa.

Abandoned tennis courts.

The old club house.

An old garage, now a workshop for double glazing.

I had another trip to visit my English friend at St HonorĂ©. It was a day that began in a bit of mist then quickly it disappeared. I have to drive a short distance along very up and down lanes past small farms and cottages. Many cottages are empty, for sale or owned by Dutch people here for the Spring and summer.  The sun shone for most of the day and we went for a walk and then headed to Fours, means 'Ovens' in French. Fours has a charity shop. I only know of 3 here. I bought some heavy hiking boots, leather gloves and quilted jackets for my winter country wardrobe. Very happy. We returned back to my friends house and the door was strangely locked and the key wouldn't work. All a bit dramatic but fixed eventually by the Gendarmes who just broke the tough door glass. The door is a very substantial oak 30's style with wrought iron over the glazed area.  Anyway by the time I drove home there was spectacular mist to rise above. I must head out this way again shortly to sketch these wonderful hills. It's near a place called Sanglier which is French for Wild Boar. I'm pleased I realised I have new areas to paint around here. Familiar but not so familiar. It's just the kind of views and landscape I love.
I have started putting a few things on Facebook too. Do try and connect there if you like. I hadn't thought of it till recently. It seems a bit more chatty.

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