Friday, 9 November 2012

View towards Larochmillay coming from Luzy, in the Morvan Sud and below the same. 

 It's warm here today but we normally have snow by next week so better than trying to fetch  the sheep food along slippery roads we are ahead of ourselves. Another problem is if we leave it the sheep food disappears from the shop. After severe weather the grass dies.
I love this lungeing rope seems like it's hand woven. I'm sure not, I must ask.

I'm not sure why but I found this lovely, I think bicycle in 2 pieces. It still has a hard leather saddle. It was thrown in the woods in an old domestic tip with some other things like a cooker and chicken wire. 

The space here behind the shed that is where we have our saw mill is where the  Citroen HY  is going. It should fit in a treat. The walnut tree will stay. I just need to prune the lowest branch poking towards the end of the shed.

I have all these pretty bitter Italian red chicory. The seeds were dispersed randomly around the veg plot. They seem more hardy than other salad. Otherwise I have been pruning the blackcurrants after the leaves have fallen and poked them in the ground, quite deeply.

These 2 images are the same as the above. I took all these images today. These were taken at around  5pm.  The hills are the old volcanoes.


  1. I love the old bike ! it looks as if it had grown there.

  2. Me too!! Just love old and rusty...