Thursday, 4 October 2012

St Honoré Les Bains

The entrance to the baths at St Honoré les Bains. Although I believe the baths are still  open there  is little activity today. The trend for the 'curative' effects of bathing in the natural waters has faded.

Beyond the baths is 'Le Bristol' a hotel with very few bookings.

An empty restaurant no longer open, rather belle with this Russian Vine  having free  rein to wander at will.

Grand houses with views of the park they sell for  relatively small sums, this one sold for  around 130,000 Euros. It has a separate building beside  for horses.


  1. It's so wistful - these grand places sitting abandoned fully or partially; alone with their memories.

    1. Wistful, a little eerie in a David Lynch way. I lived in a spa town in England, Malvern and it was where I went to school. Malvern is quite desirable still. Here is a similar place that is very much out of favour.
      There is a Casino in the middle, and a Museum about the very active Resistance Movement.I have yet to visit either.