Wednesday, 8 July 2015

 Here you are. Sorry it's been sweltering here. The computer has been a no go. My ducks are growing although I lost one and another I discovered sadly dead after much searching. I take a few days losing a duck but my favourite one a big white bruiser is 'perdu' or lost. I made a little pond to attract animals and grow pond weed. The ducks have discovered it and gravitate towards it and are to be found either in it or near it. I have fruit bushes all around and they like gooseberries, blackcurrants redcurrants, strawberries. I have eaten loads too. I am off jam because I don't like too much sugar. I have given up trying to barricade the ducks from the fruit garden. They work out extraordinary complex ways of getting in...very tenacious creatures.
Every year is different here. This year I have really huge Hollyhocks. We have 3 weather systems here. This summer is like Provence. 

I am experimenting with planting things under the tree. It is the only place I can keep watered. 

This is the work of a friend at a small exhibition in a library.  It's quite a large painting perhaps a metre tall. 

I have been tipping stuff out of the barns. The stuff at the tip is always very interesting.

 I photographed this boat in autumn and now again I am impressed this time by the plants there are even trees.

I found this spiral iron support in the sheds. 

Brocantes. There have been a few but sometimes too hot and it's too much for people to sit outside all day. I bought this sign from a farmer.

This year Fete de la Musique in Luzy. Ths little caravan travels round the area and bands play in front of it.