Monday, 11 May 2015

We have all these Ducklings 9 Muscovies. Not sure what gender they might be  and curious to see how they develop. I weighed one today, 150gs. Last week they were 100 gms and the tails are beginning to point upwards as they grow in confidence. 

They are either yellow or yellow and brown at the moment all like these.

 Love a swim
 The garden is changing so fast. This area of my garden, used to be for vegetables and salad but now the Raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants gooseberries etc are taking centre stage I need to find new places to put my vegetables. So far this has involved a large black plastic sheet I found in the Poubelle spread on a normally grassy area.

 I do like comfrey and nectar rich plants too so it's looking like an English cottage garden. 

I went to a little flea market and spotted a lovely van. I bought a small silver pot but because the cat had to go to the vet and the car needed to be insured this month I was reserved.

Forget me Nots in evening light and gooseberries somewhere.

These Bugle have been lovely this year and the bees are happy.

Constant work to upkeep the old buildings. The ladders have provided the cats with extra play grounds. Hunting for lizards who are quick and small and thankfully lose their tails when captured. I need to re point fast now the paintings are in for the exhibition. I feel like life is on hold while I prepare paintings for dead lines. 

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  1. This is really beautiful, you live in a nice environment. It must give you a lot of energy in painting.