Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Crooked House

I was just reading this article about the house I have yet to visit but in my imagination is the kind of place I would like to have live in. I love the idea of assimilating a 21st Century life into a way of living that draws from a myriad of found materials. I am constantly trawling through ads looking for interesting reclamation. Imagine using 16th Century stairs,  rustic doors and windows etc. I first saw the Crooked House in Country Living maybe 20 years ago it struck a cord then and still does and the Welsh Borders are special.

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  1. Interesting article ...I do wish it had photos though....would love to see the "crooked house".... but I do so agree with the problem of inflexible building regulations...this happens here as well. It is sad to see the quirkier aspects of older buildings lost forever.

  2. Hi Sally I have tried to link this with photos. If you click on the Image and More Images link you should be able to see them. The links are at the bottom.