Saturday, 15 March 2014

I had a call from a lady down the road asking if I was interested in taking part in their summer exhibition. I did it last year and the standard is quite high. There are some lost wax bronze sculpture torsos, some Still life's of lovely French objects and a few other painters who were obviously taking their painting very seriously. It's a small village but it has a some committed people who put a lot of effort into community. I was hoping to be asked but I wasn't sure. It has given me new impetus to do some more oil painting, that and 3 games of Rugby today. The watercolours I was doing will be lost on the walls I might be able to do some framing to make them stand out a bit but framing is a bit expensive here so I will have to make my own. I think I shall be the only English artist. There are a few French people and more Dutch artist's. Anyway the organisers are all really nice and I shall look forwards to seeing them again. It's great also to feel like I'm contributing to the community and celebrating this lovely landscape. My neighbours can also see that I do do something too.

My husband bought this house (before I knew him) and took me to see it on our way back from the village below. It has lots of white quartz in the walls. Very pretty house and the garden carpeted in Hosta's and Primulas. He had to sell it but just look at it!!  

A new friend, Jou Jou she is 11 weeks old, a type of sheepdog. My friend bought her to keep her company. 

It's been 20°C during the day here, not in the evenings but it's been warm enough to work outside with a big cup of tea.

Started cycling again, only 10 kms just along the flat. I saw this lovely falling down house and Wild Hyacinth's and a new one on me here deep dark plum coloured Lungworts. I took photos of both but they are too blurred for the blog. My neighbour brought me round some Ransome or Wild Garlic when I got back from cycling. I miss seeing and smelling the Ransom's in the woods common in Herefordshire, UK. Now I can have my own, I think I may have to hide them from the geese though.

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