Friday, 27 July 2012

I lost my camera for a few days! 2 little wrens have made a sweet home  in George's work shed!
I think they found his wall plugs.
Painting, so far of a farm near Fragny. The farm is traditional of the area with a square tower. It remains largely a farming community here. Centred around the raising of the large white Charolais Cows. We do have a large Dutch community many of their homes are their holiday retreats. The harsh winters has prevents the area becoming too busy. It's still bizarre driving to the shops along magnificent ,yet deserted roads. It's rare to meet an English person although if I hung out in Autun cafés more I guess I'd find allsorts. The summers are long and generally hot. I actually live in one of the highest parts of the park so can be a little cooler.
Ths gosling, Wee Wee is getting bigger. Wee Wee is after the constant  high pitched  cheeping.

Embden geese can be white or brown, the white neck feathers are just showing. Wee Wee could be going either way! I still have eggs incubating in a homemade polystyrene box with a light bulb and a glass of water and thermometer. It has eggs with dates written on and marks so I know which way up the eggs are. I am turning the eggs 3 X a day.

Poppies are still going strong and this is a walnut tree.  


  1. That's a beautiful painting.

    1. Thanks Lynn, it's moving along I am really enjoying the process of making it. I have been developing a more dynamic approach, I think. I am inclined to go abstract and seek out opportunities to break up the surface. In the past I enjoyed working with surface and pattern, bringing in subject matter is stretching me!

  2. Excellent, new life is always a real treat...
    Most my poppies are over now but now I have echinacea!
    Love the painting.