Friday, 13 April 2012


I love gardening, at the moment my studio is full of seedlings. I'm not great at rows but can be quite methodical at a stretch. I at least begin with a plan. I do get distracted when out shopping. Here in France, at least here in this area where it's probably more traditional than other areas. You have to buy it when you see it otherwise it's gone. So when I see potting compost in a pile outside Atac, the little supermaket, if I don't buy a couple of bags they disappear. It's taken me a few years to realise this. So if you see fruit trees in the shop and don't buy you have to wait till next year. I bought a peach tree this week. I am taking a gamble, in fact I am thinking I might grow it in a pot indoors.
 I love both of these images of the same theme Potagers. I have been looking up French veg growing blogs by images. I found the image above by Van Gogh and the one below is Pissaro's garden by various artist's including Pissarro.
Pissarro's garden by Cezanne
Pisarro's garden by Gauguin
Pissarro's vegetable garden

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