Thursday, 10 November 2011

I recently asked my neighbour if I could buy his Citroen HY Tube. I have wanted one for ages and then while out walking I spotted one behind a  shed amongst other stuff.

This is where I discovered the Citroen HY van there are Charolais in the shed along with  stray cats.

An agricultural workshop.

My neighbour has a dog on a chain. It greets me as I arrive and then as I walked away it ran at me in a quite scarey way. I am a dog lover fairly confident so his antics were lost on me. Still these dogs are big.

Road to Phillipes.

I found a lovely pot today in a hedge. I put old chicken wire in the base and filled it with compost.

I had a look in my garden and spread out a bit of compost for next year.
Also I had a job fencing this afternoon. We have sheep to contain, I have to clip back bracken so we can put up electric fencing; 

I love my cat.

Lilac against the old garden shed.

Today I visited my neighbour Phillipe. He was at home with his neighbour, a maths teacher
drinking wine. I had to explain that I had trouble locating wheels for the HY Citroen he recently gave me.It's in his field at the minute wheeless and thus motionless. Soon I intend to pull it to my garden so that I may dream one day of driving her but without any wheels so hard. Phillipe lives in a house with the most incredible views down a valley. 
When I arrived home we had a call to say i could buy a wheel and tyre from a man in Cercy La Tour for 20 euros for my Citroen Tube. It's slowly moving.  


  1. Excellent Jane you are a few steps nearer than me... It is really my van of choice too, I dream of converting one. Would be fab if we both managed and had a pair up and running eh!

  2. I'm not sure mine will ever be going far.It may be a bit beyond repair. Still I now have a wheel.