Wednesday, 5 October 2011


This is Serres old town. Our van had to have a new starter motor so we were here for a few days. It had a lovely old town that like Dieulefit was wrapped around a big lump of rock. We had a couple of days of grey weather and rain and then some sunshine so while we were holed up here we went to an amazing outdoor swimming lake in the mountains that was free.

This is me reflected in the lens of sunglasses. I have begun wearing glasses for reading now. I have been tending to wear sunglasses and reading glasses at the same time. It's so much more complicated having to wear glasses to read small print.

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  1. Tell me about vans that break down!! What a beautiful Village you were stuck in though!! Your portrait in the sunspecs is like our pics with the Swiss Alps in the background, we have just had a week of Indian summer but tempratures are dropping 18 degrees next week, wish we could head south!!!