Sunday, 11 September 2011

Travelling along through towards Die along crazy hairpin bends and over limestone mountains. We stopped for lunch  and while we were resting an old school VW camper came passed, lots of motorbikes a girl on a scooter, going up to where I couldn't imagine, and a couple of vintage sports cars.

This was one of the first villages we stopped at. It was becoming a little too hot to be driving along  in the heat of the day.    This is Portaix on the Drome, Rhone Alps. The population is tiny at under 200. It feels a bit forgotten, although some cyclists dropped by while we were having a look around. There was a builder and North African music wafting about from a flat.

Die produces sparkling wine.Unfortunately the little bar was closed in Portaix.

Large rock pot plinths.

I love these narrow streets and buildings. 


  1. Love these photos, when we did our French rendevous we stayed for a few days in a camping site at Barreme in Haute Provence near Digne, it really looked like your village, we stopped at a bar on the way and there were snow topped mountains over on the Italian border. Interesting the photos with blue paintwork, we have just been thinking about which 'blue' to choose for some new windows for our daughters house in Lincoln

  2. Yes, there are lots of similar villages. Some were a little more populated or with a modern suburb. This one was very nicely sleepy.
    I love light blue for windows, doors etc or this blue on the wall was glowing.

  3. All very pretty Jane, love the wooden doors and shutters...

  4. It looks beautiful. I love the combination of the stone walls with wooden doors and shutters. And those blues are gorgeous.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could have come with you. Lovely photos. Have a good week. M x