Monday, 29 August 2011

These are the squash from the seed my friend Dolly gave me.  At least I think they are. I did save a few seed  from my Sweet Dumpling from last year so they could also be a variation of these. They are very tasty and good in soup.

These Indian Runner Ducks are a little timid but now they have  connected me with food they are quite brazen. I give them maize that they love.

I made pasta salad with things from the garden. Lots of parsley,basil, celery cucumber, tomatoes and I bought yellow peppers from the brocante yesterday and used some of my shallot and some feta cheese.

Very still water and wonderful reflections. The light across the top of the fields was golden. 

Button clover seed.

When the rain comes we head to the high forest to check for Ceps

Onions and shallots drying in the sun.

Wood bee, large black with blue iridescent wings.

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  1. Yes the dark green one is how they all were last year but I have noticed some have been like your other ones this year. If you keep picking and give them a feed every now and again with your longer summer they aught to go on for ages Jane...
    Lovely bee and reflection... and Wow pretty button clover seed...